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Cleo is a Leo . . .

IMG_0084I’m convinced Cleo, my female cat, is actually a Leo, even though she was born in mid-October, which would make her a Libra. Thing is, in any group of cats, she’s the alpha. My buddy Pat Rosen, who is my cats’ second Mama and who keeps them when I’m traveling tells me Cleo is always first to the food bowl at feeding time, even though the four other cats in the house are all males. And she’s definitely the alpha cat here in my apartment. She beats her brother, Jack, to the food bowl and to the treats every time.

The other day I watched her and Jack fight. It started because he was on the top level of the cat tree stationed at the windows in my living room. Normally, that’s her perch. So she jumped up, landed on top of him, and proceeded to try to nudge him out. When nudging didn’t work, she bit him. He bit back. Not daunted, she bit him again. Pretty soon they were tussling. Now Jack outweighs her by at least two pounds, possibly three. Doesn’t matter. She can give as good as she gets, maybe even better.

Within minutes of the tussling, Jack jumped down. I noticed Cleo didn’t follow. Now that she’d won what she wanted to begin with, she simply curled up and settled into her perch. Jack walked away and found a patch of peaceful sunlight.

Cleo is a Leo.

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