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houstonThis afternoon I leave sunny Ft. Myers and return to Houston where it hasn’t been very sunny the past couple of weeks. Today, though, some sunshine is predicted, although the high is only supposed to be about 59 degrees. That’s fine with me; I happen to enjoy cold weather. Houston summers are long and brutally hot, so a couple of months of cold and/or rainy weather is a welcome change. I grew up in the northeast. I like a change of seasons.

I’m a bit sad to leave, because I’ve had a great time here in Florida with my sister and her family. Even though eleven years separate us, she and I are kindred spirits. We both love our families, love to read, love to go to movies, love to shop, and love quiet time. When we’re together, we talk about the past a lot. Our parents died young (in their mid-sixties) and we keep them alive in our hearts by reminiscing about our younger days. We both wish we’d asked more questions when they were around to answer them. We know so little about their parents, for example. Our father’s mother died when he was very young — he was raised by an older sister — and it would be so nice to know what that grandmother was like. All we have is one picture of her. I’m not even sure of her name.

But now it’s time to look ahead. Time to leave “God’s waiting room” — the affectionate nickname given to Ft. Myers by its residents, so many of whom are retirees and snowbirds.  It’s time to go home — back to Houston and real life, back to my kids and my cats and my friends and my routine.

That said, it’s time to stop writing and start packing. 🙂

See you soon!


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