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The movies of our lives

IMG_2365The other day, Facebook made movies of every subscriber’s life. They filtered through all the news and pictures we shared over our years of membership and set a smattering of it to music. Voila! A movie of our life. It’s a clever idea. I admit I enjoyed looking at mine and others. However, it’s hardly a movie of my life, and I doubt yours reflects your real life, either.

I joined Facebook in 2009. Since then my husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. I sold our family home, had a huge estate sale, found a new place to live, and moved. Our three grandchildren graduated from high school during those years and began their college studies. I suffered major writers’ block throughout my husband’s illness and death and did no writing whatsoever until this past year. Any movie of my life starting in 2009 would have to chronicle these events, which dominated my days. The only one mentioned in my Facebook movie was the sale of my house.

For me, Facebook is a place to have fun, connect with family and friends, and forget the major cares of the world. When I do mention them, I tend to make light of them, or at least to turn them into an amusing story. I prefer to post cute pictures of my cats or pictures of my amazing grandchildren (see above) rather than anything depressing.

So my Facebook “movie,” while nice, is not even close to reflecting my real life since 2009. I do appreciate the effort, though.


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