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When I get up in the morning, I can be happy . . .

“When I get up in the morning, I can be happy . . . or I can be sad. I choose to be happy.” ~ Unknown

smiling-flowersThis quotation is one of my favorites because it sums up the way I feel about life. So many people spend their days in misery. You can tell they’re miserable by their perpetual frown and their constant negative comments. I honestly believe you can talk yourself out of unhappiness by consciously cultivating an upbeat outlook. How? Well, when you wake up in the morning, try smiling. You’ll probably feel silly at first, but smile at yourself in the mirror. Notice how that smile changes your face and your eyes. That smile does the same thing for you inside as it does for you outside. A smile makes you feel as if something good will come of the day. As if you have things to look forward to. As if you will be pleased by the day. And it makes people who see that smile respond to you in a positive way.

In my opinion, happiness is simply being contented with what you have instead of always wanting something else. Sure, you can have goals. You can aspire to greater things. You can hope and plan for that trip to Italy (or wherever you someday wish to go). But you should not let the lack of those things today make you unhappy and discontented with your life.

This is the only life we have – at least as far as I know – and life is short. Do you really want to spend your one life being miserable? Always wanting something else? Feeling put upon and cheated? Envious of everyone else who has more (in your eyes) than you do? If that’s really the way you want to spend your days, you’ll never reach those goals of yours. More importantly, no one will want to be around you.

So why not make my favorite quotation yours? Post it on your fridge or above your computer or right by your toothbrush and remind yourself every single day that you choose to be happy.


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