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SUPER CLASS: Making a Scene

June 5-30, 2017 – Cost is $90 per class, ($85 if paid by check)

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Prerequisite: Must have completed at least one full manuscript and have a work in progress

Do your scenes need help? Do you feel a lot of your scenes drag or seem to have no purpose? Do you do fine with action scenes but have problems with emotional scenes or vice versa? Do you want to learn how to write the most compelling, dramatic, exciting scenes possible? In this class, you’ll study various types of scenes and the components necessary to make sure each scene does the job it’s supposed to do. The course will be interactive, with a combination of lessons, homework, and class discussion.

  • Not all scenes are equal — and “the test”
  • Everything you always wanted to know about prologues
  • How much backstory is too much backstory?
  • Flashbacks: using them without losing the reader
  • Writing the love scene and making it memorable
  • Keeping the important action onstage
  • Scene assessment and revision are your friends

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Pat is a USA Today bestselling author who has sold more than 50 novels of romance and women’s fiction. Her books have been published in more than 20 different countries, with others being added all the time. An acclaimed teacher, she formerly taught at The University of Houston, and has given writing workshops all over the country. She says there’s nothing more satisfying to her than seeing that light bulb go off in a student’s head.

  • “I've never had such personalized help before. Your lectures, the resources, the book suggestions. I couldn't have asked for more. I'll definitely be recommending this class to others.”

    — Leslie Marshman

  • “Thank you, Pat! This class has been wonderful. The information you've provided has been so well organized and concise, and your responses to our efforts quick, clear and kind. I feel I've acquired a set of excellent tools for improving my work. The class has been a joy -- I can't believe it's over so soon!”

    — Susan Schreyer (Sisters in Crime Dramatic Techniques Master Class)

  • “Pat's class has helped be break through a long period of writer's block. She has given me tools that have helped me learn about my characters and devise scenes I never would have thought of on my own. Pat is so knowledgeable about writing, and she gives suggestions with a smile. Her attitude toward her students is always helpful. She's a fantastic teacher.”

    — Vicky Yelton

  • “Thanks, Pat, for the fabulous class. I learned tons and gained a lot of confidence in the process. I'm going to have to buy all the books as well. Great, great resources. I appreciate all your help with my project as well. It's wonderful to get personalized feedback. As a teacher, I know how much time and energy it takes to make comments on someone's writing. Much appreciated.”

    — Joanna Brown

  • “If you're seeing flashes of light, it may be because light bulbs are going on all over the place as a result of your excellent lessons and coaching. I'd heard of sequels before but never understood how they related to scene structure or what exactly they were or how exactly they function in the process of putting fiction together. This class is blowing my mind, and I can feel my writing starting to come together in important ways that I never understood how to do before. And it makes an amazing difference. Just saying thank you isn't enough, but it's a start. Thank you so much for all the ways you're helping us become better writers. I may be a slow learner, but feel I'm actually starting to get some of this stuff, and it's amazing.”

    — Dolores Kester, (Sisters in Crime Dramatic Techniques Master Class)